What a gift to love and be loved!  We want closeness. We crave togetherness and intimacy! Our most intimate relationships have the ability to amaze us, to nurture us and to take us through our darkest hours.  How can we live without love?  A relationship this intense though, can make us feel vulnerable and hold a great deal of power over us.  Still, even in the face of this vulnerability, there is no greater feeling than having a deep, spiritual connection with your lover and feeling valued and adored.  

Imagine standing back to back with your partner.  You are his rock; he is yours.  It is the two of you against the world and you are 100% there for each other.  Your relationship experiences many different stages and it's the bond that you form with one another that can sustain you as it grows  deeper and matures.  I can help you through the myriad stages of your relationship:  Whether dating, newly engaged, new parents or long-time partners, enhancing your relationship can be a reality!

Specialty Areas In
Couples Therapy

  • Dating and in a committed relationship; taking your relationship to the next level
  • Sexless marriages
  • Reclaiming sex and passion after having your baby

    The birth of your baby is a joyous event!  But if your marriage now feels sexless and "different" somehow, I can help!  The experience you shared is truly life changing, however, the reality is, you are both in different roles now and the image that you once had of each other as lovers, has the extra layer now of "parent" that may make passion and sex feel different to you.  The role of "mother" or "father" has a different connotation to us after becoming parents.  This is normal and expected; I can help you make the transition from lover to parent, while still maintaining the passion and excitement you once shared and take your love life to a new level!

  • Affairs and infidelity

    Your trust may be shaken (and rightfully so), however I can help you explore whether your marriage or relationship can survive an incident of infidelity and if so, how you can create an even stronger union

Breakup, Separation 
& Divorce 

Enough!  What a small word that carries with it such monumental consequences.  We know when we have had enough.  The moment may be almost inconsequential in its silence and stealth, yet we instinctively know:  The disadvantages have finally outweighed the advantages.  Our tipping point has been reached.  There is a sort of freedom in "enough" in that you are assured that change is inevitable.  I can help you through the changes and emotions, as well as the very real pragmatic decisions that must be made during a breakup, separation or divorce, like:

  • Co-parenting after your divorce
  • Resolving issues that don't have to follow you into your next relationship!
  • Remaining open to love again    


Relationship bliss, even after divorce?  It can absolutely be a reality for you!  It's entirely natural to feel a bit worn out after your divorce.  You and your children may have gone through a particularly traumatic time, however, there are important things you can learn about your abilities to adapt and thrive, and to move on in the best direction for you as a family.  Considering your needs now is an important first step, and I can help.  Together, we'll explore the opportunities that are await you, including:

  • Regaining confidence in dating; be sure to visit my Individuals page!
  • Introducing your kids to his (or her!) kids; when and how, so everyone feels accepted

Learn more about navigating divorce below:


Couples & Relationship

Couples and relationship therapy offers the perfect opportunity to take your relationship to the next level or to recover when there is no other choice for you both, but divorce. Research shows that couples suffer an average of six years in an unhappy relationship before seeking help; don't wait another moment - I am here to help!  Call 212.539.6065  or use my Contact Form to the right to get started, today!



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